Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last thoughts on Budapest

Last few thoughts on the trip are mostly positive, but is you asked me yesterday, they were negative and emotional… kidding after the travelling and stress….
My mom needs to be thanked again for watching the kids our last evening in Budapest. We went one last time to the Szecsenyi Baths. The therapeutic waters, the jet filled pools, the open air relaxation pools, the ½ naked people making out all around us, is exactly what we needed to disconnect from the stress. After, we went to our little restaurant across from the apartment, 'Bastya', where they got to know us and us their staff, especially Sanyi, our main waiter. A big guy, who loves food, and sports, knew the menu inside out. The food, more traditional, was very reasonable priced. In the summer they have an outdoor terrace on Racotcsi Ut., to watch the busy passer-by’s.
A view of a little yellow Catholic church can be seen from the restaurant window, and also happens to be where my parents were married. Electric trains, buses and cars drive by, along with beautifully well dressed people making their way to and from work during the day or clubbing in the night. At heart I must be a big city girl for I am alive when life rushes by and a feeling to jump up and join them takes over. There is always something to do. Theatres, festivals, wine tasting, tourist sites, history... whatever you fancy, can be found within walking distance from here.
I love Europa, and in the heart, a little country, once not so little....the Magyar's country: Hungaria.

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