Saturday, September 27, 2008


Good morning. Rested and ready to go. Here we are after two days of cleaning our new apartment, its finally looking close to furnishing. It looks like Ikea is the way to go around here for price point and convinence. One stop shop from couch to cup! I love it. Today we have about 3 more hours of scrubbing. The potential is unbelievable. 4 1/2 meter cielings, light travels straight though and the oversized windows with old original shutters makes this 125 year old building a dream home. I don't want to go back to my BC box ever!!!!
Rentals look good in the area, being so close to the walking strip and the Danube. I think this is a place we will have for a long time. So if anyone comes to Budapest let us know.

Yesterday it was so nice to see my cousin Panni, who's freshly engaged, to Paulko from Winipeg. Congrats to you both and Paulko welcome to the family. Open invite to visit and can't wait to meet you. Civil service in Canada next week and the big wedding will be here in Hungary in May. I'll have my dancing shoes ready!

Also family news, Borika is in Calgary visiting her boyfriend Curtis but will be visiting us in White Rock shortly after we come home from Europe. I can't wait to see her. I miss and love you very much! I wish you were here.

Peti also visited yesterday and we will see him again at the big family dinner on Sunday!!

Okay that's it for now, off to Torokbalint to visit Alfonz's nagymama, and see the family bakery, aunts and uncles blahh blahblah.....
love and miss you ,
eva xo

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