Friday, September 26, 2008

Here we are!!

Good afternoon,
Our first entry, better late than never!!

Here we are, leaving Hassmerheim, after a couple days of recouping from the 10 hour flight, 2 hour luggage escapade and 2 hour drive. Kids are changing over quickly!! Yes my kids!!

Daniel met a little girl on the plane and played the whole time they were awake. And, well Angelina only had one complete melt down, with blood curdling screams that woke up most the passengers. A medical doctor next to us, asked if we brought Gravol. I said why yes? he said, now would be the time to give it to her. I did and she was a dream after that! hah!
From there we picked up our car, full loaded to the top with bags and started down south towards Heidelberg. Then from their Southwest towards Mosbach and then finally Hasserheim. Once there we met up with family and ate a traditional meal of cabbage, roast smoked pork and mashed potatoes. Very tasty after a long day.

We stayed at a local B&B, along the Neckar River, with a view of the swans swimming along the shores. Very pretty. And the food here is very typical European. Cheeses and cold cuts, fresh breads and egg, loads of fruit and the best espresso you can imagine. We have been spending time with Alfonz's Aunt and Uncle, who live in a typical German two story home, all panelled wood inside with carved pictures of folk stories, smells of wood and Zsuzsa Neni's cooking, that happens to give my mom's cooking a run for her money!

Heidelberg yesterday was fun! We shopped in designer stores, among old buildings that were never touched during the war. Its perfectly reserved its time travel, really! To see beautifully dressed students and tourist and businessman alike enjoying the fall day. Everyone seemed to be snacking on ice-cream or bakery buns. We had star bucks lattes and the kids ate cookies as we looked for a new pair of glasses for Alfonz. (He left his at home along with my black vest, no worries I'll have to buy another...teehee) I ended up with a new purse from AunteandUncles that’s over the shoulder. I feel like a Sherpa, caring the kids stuff, the supplies and the hiking gear.....hah! We skipped lunch and ended up back home early enough to enjoy some more homemade food at Zsuzsa Neni's. This time she made Nokedli, the kids favourite. Yummy. We ended up drinking a little bit with them and told jokes until the kids asked to leave. So tired. To bed we went, up the next day with a late start after another lovely breakfast at the hotel. We even took the ducks and swans some bread, the kids had fun feeding them.

I can't believe how green Germany is. So many different shades of green lush bush and trees along every roadside. River side. They seem to put people living first, not working. Each township has walking paths and parks. Very welcoming at every turn. Cobblestone walkways, German store fronts, as I remember with great shopping, full of local treats.
So far so good, we haven't killed each other yet. As tried as we were its a miracle.
From here we are going East on Hwy 6 to Nurnberg, then from there hwy 3 to Passau. We may stay there. It boarders Austria, a good start to get to Vienna tomorrow.
The kids are watching a DVD in the back of the Toyota Verso station wagon TDI and Angelina is out like a light again. The road is long but loads to see wiz by. Rolling hills, countryside, great cars everywhere. I like it here.

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