Monday, September 29, 2008

Apartment news!!

Good morning,
After spending loads of time when the kids sleep, scrubbing the grime and muck off the floors, windows, kitchen and bathroom, a beautiful apartment reveals itself. 4 ½ metre ceilings with the original mouldings of this over 100 year old building, and light travelling though makes this space a dream. It needs work, lots of work but I think we can get it to rental quality in the next 2 weeks. A feat to say the least, but Alfonz and I are determined…….or crazy, whichever, I don’t care……muhahah!

When you look down the stair well, 13 flights from Nagymama’s to the ground, its quite something. The door way domes and looks very cathedral like, and the court yard smells of old…..I love everything about this place. I sometimes wish these walls could talk but on the other hand I have been coming here since I was born so shhhhhh……haha!

Today is shopping for the right property manager, and buying the hard stuff, the washing machine, fridge, TV……Then tomorrow the old owners need to get the last of their stuff out and then its to IKEA, Swedish for common sense, to buy everything else from cup to couch! I can’t wait. This week the painter comes and the window bar person… much in such a short time…..exciting. Before and after pictures are going to be posted once we are done……..
Okay that’s good for now.
I got to go and feed the kids before they start eating from the garbage.

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